Broad applicability


Lego® Serious Play® is used to work with individuals, teams & enterprises. Depending on its application it allows you to feel the pulse of your team, extract beliefs, fears & pains, understand dependencies & impacts. It enables you to integrate new team members, align behaviours with values, roles & responsibilities. It is used to create group cohesion, to develop a shared vision or a new product as well as to challenge assumptions. Lego® Serious Play® works also in these areas:


•  Discover behavioural patterns
•  Connect skills, preferences & strengths
•  Generate ideas
•  Challenge beliefs


•  Surface hidden issues
•  Align behaviours with values, roles, responsibilities & identities
•  Develop intentional behaviour
•  Challenge the way of collaboration


•  Dissect complexity & complex issues
•  Determine interfaces & touch points
•  Develop a new strategy, plan or product
•  Drive change processes
•  Validate plans

If you are in doubt whether Lego® Serious Play® fits to work on your challenge, do not hesitate to contact me 


Satisfied clients


tap-it has worked with small, medium & large corporations on their challenges. A selection of my work is listed below.

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Strategy & vision development

Boutique business consulting firm, 4 founding partners, 6 hours

Challenge: Model the current/future challenges of clients requiring business-consulting services. Build the corresponding strategy & vision to serve those needs.

Output: 8min video explaining their view of the market needs & their response, i. e. their business approach, key strategy levers & vision.

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Determine project risks & their impacts

Public transportation provider, 7 department heads, 3 hours

Challenge: Build a shared understanding of the relevance of a software project. Determine risks & their impact of the project.

Output: 2min video explaining the need for the project, the risks of not implementing it & the impact probability as well as a Risk-/Impact-Probability-matrix.

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Team building for a global virtual team

Multinational corporation, 20 team members, 15 nationalities, 5 hours

Challenge: Explore & share who you are on this team, making the value of diversity tangible. Realize the potential of courage & collaboration.

Output: Team building activities covering known/unknown strengths/skills as well as expectations on the collaboration within the team.

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Planning of products incl. resources

Industrial SME with global reach, 7 sales team members, 5 hours

Challenge: Align & plan all current & foreseen projects for the following year. Model dependencies among projects, personal & financial resources.

Output: 10min video explaining the full year schedule of projects, incl. dependencies & resources as well as a project plan.

Verification of the strategic approach to project handling

Industrial SME with global reach, 19 team members, 5 hours

Challenge: Determine whether a new approach is necessary to realize more project business. Develop ways to achieve project handling excellence.

Output: Selection of prioritized project handling models incl. their relevance & applicability (photos incl. text). A definition of convincing-/non-convincing project handling services as input for the strategy (photo incl. text).

Forming a team – identifying expectations for collaboration

Big Four audit & advisory firm, 30 apprentices, 6 hours

Challenge: Explore & share who you are in this team. Discover the essence of a successful collaboration.

Output: Team building activities reveal known/unknown strengths/skills as well as expectations on the collaboration within the team.

Developing a shared vision – extract guiding principles

Public transportation provider, 8 team leaders, 1.5 days

Challenge: Develop a shared vision of the department considering the contribution of each unit to the overall value chain. Determine the relevant stakeholders of the department required to deliver its services. Extract guiding principles for the team to ensure aligned behavior & heedful decision-making.

Output: 1.5min video explaining the shared vision, 4min video explaining the business context & the relevant stakeholders, 8 guiding principles for the team leaders.